For Funeral Directors

Making a World of Better Sympathizers 

Makes a World of Difference

Do you read the trade journal, MORTUARY MANAGEMENT?  
My article appeared in the November, 2014 issue (Vol.101, No. 10) 

As I wrote in the above article, take a moment to consider this opportunity to educate and improve the visitation experience of your community members.

While you are serving a family, you can also be serving their neighbors, friends, and co-workers who are walking into your funeral home to pay their respects. 

They come with their greeting cards and memorial contributions, trays of cookies, hugs and handshakes: they care deeply.

This is an excellent time 

to offer insights and skills to better support the grieving.  

The CONDOLENCE COACH can provide the following educational resources for your funeral home:

Expanding the scope of your community contact has never been easier!
To learn more, leave a comment with contact information, here.

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