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See who's talking about the Condolence Note Coach!

 Attendees at the September 10th condolence writing workshop at the Livonia Civic Center Library were attentive and asked great questions. Visiting with them before and after the presentation, I heard many stories of why they wanted to build skills, but the common core was caring. 
Elsa Antebi (l) cheerfully greeted guests and provided materials packets

We discussed the death of pets,
and mused about dairy farmers' affection for their herds.

Upcoming Workshop in Livonia, Michigan

Reserve your space today! 
August 26:  Thanks to a generous gift donation from Trader Joe's, there will be a PRIZE DRAWING at the end of the workshop!


The eBook Launch 

Condolence eBook Launch announced in Gannett's Observer-Eccentric Newspapers, February 12, 2014


My mission began in 1999:

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