Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Condolence When Your Coach Dies: Saying Thank you

The headline read:

Livonia Stevenson coaching icon Reardon passes away 

My thoughts went back to those 'Friday Night Lights' years. Those were the years of envying gymnastically-adept cheerleaders, and tongue-tied gazing at the player boy I had a crush on.
"Goodbye, Stevenson High"
My favorite memory of the football field was commencement on a hot June afternoon. Today's high schools rent fancy auditoriums so no one sweats:  boring! I have a crooked pinkie finger from catching a football wrong, but that was in the backyard. Still, I know one absolute:

Some coaches earn their icon status

Ed Wright, staff writer for Hometown Life newspapers' Livonia Observer, allowed me to share this January 21, 2015 tribute article with you:

A condolence note is a thank you

Here's how to write to the family of your coach:

  1. Visit the funeral home website. Remember: even if you get your details from Facebook or another social media site, your goal is to write a note, not just leave a comment. You may learn more about the deceased. I learned that Coach Reardon served in the United States Army during the Korean conflict years; he was a widow and has a surviving daughter and grandkids.  
  2. Make note of the funeral home mailing address. If you do not have or cannot obtain a home address for family, send your note to the funeral home.
  3. Jot down memories. This is the heart of your condolence note.
  4. Consider and share life-shaping moments. How has the coach impacted your values, your life direction, your problem-solving or people skills?
  5. Acknowledge that the loss of this special person must be painful.
  6. Is there a way you can (or do) "pay it forward"?
Thank you for caring!

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