Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Keeping Memories Alive

Jeanine Matlow, interior decorator and design writer
I always enjoy reading the Detroit News Homestyle column "Smart Solutions" written by interior decorator Jeanine Matlow, and this weekend's column bears further comment. Titled 'Sharing collectibles keeps memories alive'


Beloved collections

Matlow tells of the recent death of a beloved next-door-neighbor, who was known for his collection of decorative snails. From stuffed animals and wind-up toys to bronze and ceramic figures, this was a rare grouping! It also became a legacy, as his wise widow sent many of them home with appreciative friends.

Legacy Gifts

If you are the recipient of a legacy gift, this is an additional opportunity to fill a condolence note with deeply personal and appreciative elements.

Your content cues: 

  • what memories does this item elicit
  • what does the gift mean to you
  • how will you use it.

Put your appreciation in a note (yes, even if it's your second note).

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