Saturday, December 21, 2013

As Heard in "the Home"

I AM NOT MAKING THIS STUFF UP.  Jewel came in to purchase memorial jewelry. Her husband had died almost three years prior, but we still stored a portion of his cremation ashes. When she had extra cash, Jewel bought another keepsake; soon, she would have given one to each of their five children.
Casey, a Gulf War wounded warrior, had endured a lengthy illness after deployment. Life was pretty miserable except for the care and loving indulgence of his devoted childhood sweetheart. Jewel shared some of the "sympathetic" remarks she has and still receives...

"You really killed Casey with kindness--giving him treats he wasn't supposed to have."

"You'd better start dating soon-- try -- 'cause once the kids are all grown, the survivor benefits are going to stop, and you'll be too old to marry again."

"Why did you and Casey have such a large family on Army pay?"

"Those cremation necklaces are pretty but how're you going to pay for college?"

Dear readers, I could only shake my head and give Jewel a hug. And I will spare you a ranting dissection of these heartless comments. DON'T LAY AN EGG:  please do not give advice to the bereaved.

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