Tuesday, February 4, 2014

You, Too, Can Be A Rock Star of Words

2014 MARKS THE 15th ANNIVERSARY OF MY BOOK, Words for when there are No Words, Writing A Memorable Condolence Note.

Like most passions, I invested myself in its writing, then its promotion and instruction and then, let it stand on its own. As the global culture transformed itself in those 15 years, one thing has not changed:
When people grieve, they deeply appreciate hands-on/arms-around comforting.
Every syndicated advice columnist has gotten a letter (or ten) from a reader complaining that electronic sympathy leaves them cold. I've cited a few of those conversations in this blog.

Hand writing a thoughtfully expressive condolence note, that can be held and read over and over, is one of the most amazing gifts you can offer a grieving person.

ANNOUNCING my eBOOK!   I still have a passion for spreading the word and sharing the tools to make you a "rock star" writer of condolence notes! 

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