Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The View from Downward Dog: Little Observations

It is easy to be daunted by the pending task of writing a condolence note:

  • you want to comfort
  • you want to sound wise and
  • you want to create a caring surprise
I took my yoga mat out to the patio this morning. Yesterday's heavy rains had brought down bud casings, catkins, and blossom cups, but I swept a swath clear on the damp stones and unfurled the spring green length.

The sun was midway on its path to noon, filtering through branches and young leaves of cherry, maple, and sassafras.

The freshness thrilled me.
Bending to downward dog, the humidity gave my bare feet extra purchase on the vinyl and comforted my lungs with a gentle rime of moisture.

That is when I was reminded that little observations are often the most dear.

Little Observations
These are the elements of a memorable condolence note:
  • you want to comfort:  Perhaps you noticed that during the illness, your caregiving friend greeted her Mother with a gentle kiss on the cheek and a weekly vase of fresh flowers; a husband painted his wife's toenails so they'd be pretty as she lay in bed...
  • you want to sound wise:  Perhaps the life of the deceased reminds you of something in nature: tides, trees, flowers; or reflect on a photo displayed at the funeral home ... 
  • you want to create a caring surprise:  Perhaps you would like to plant, create, donate for a memorial keepsake; or prepare some yummy casseroles for the family freezer...
In our busy world, taking the time to notice is deeply rewarding.
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