Tuesday, October 18, 2016

My Visit to a Pet Cemetery: A Path to The Rainbow Bridge

Have you been to a pet cemetery? 

Perhaps, like me, you used their associated service of a pet crematory. This is my story of saying goodbye to Chloe.

Once passionate about her toys, our 16 year old mini dachshund was now blind, deaf, and weighted down with fatty tumors. Preferring sleep, refusing food and her favorite treats for over 2 days, we understood Chloe was asking us to let her go. 
A zen-like peace reigns in this place
This section, pictured below, is dedicated to "little creatures."

After a peaceful process at the veterinary clinic, we took Chloe's body to The Pet Cemetery of Tucson, where burial and cremation services are offered in a beautiful desert setting. Just walking through the gate imparts their stated purpose:
"To provide services that acknowledge and honor the lives and memories of beloved animals, including a sacred final resting place."

All creatures, all loved

Tributes are personal, sometimes whimsical

A wonderful bench for a cat lover

We were invited to ring this copper bell,
giving Chloe her angel wings.

On the drive home from the crematory.we shared memories. 

It was so quiet when we got home, I put on music,
and set Chloe's collar by her bowl.
A beautiful sunset reminded me:  all will be well...in time.

A few days later, we brought Chloe's ashes home.
Of course, she road on my lap.

Chloe is back with Joey, at The Rainbow Bridge.
If you have never read the poem, The Rainbow Bridge, please click on the link above. It is powerful...and comforting. Pet owners and pet care professionals ritually share this poem with each other, when there has been a death.

A death in the family

The Condolence Coach encourages readers to remember that 99.9% of all pets are considered to be a member of the family. Even if that is hard for you to understand, please accept and affirm that. Be a good listener.  You do not have to offer explanations for the death or comfort solutions. Please do not say, "why don't you get another pet?" A bereaved pet owner may come to a point where they consider that option, but it is for them to discern.

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Thank you for caring!

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