Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Beyond "I'm Sorry"

I'D BE OUT OF A JOB if caring people--like you--didn't go to funeral home visitations. Maybe you walk in, put a package of cookies by the coffee maker in the lounge, sign the register book, shake hands, hug a person or two, wander by the collage of family photos, pick up a memorial folder...and then leave.

It meant a lot that you came. You can't change the circumstances facing your friend, co-worker, neighbor, cousin or client...but there is an additional way to communicate sympathy long after the loss:  a memorable condolence note.

Think about this:  have you ever saved a card or letter? What qualities made you value it, re-read it, treasure it, and even thank the sender?

Today, as this light of awareness brightens, you are beginning to understand what makes a note "memorable."

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