Tuesday, November 19, 2013

IOU for a Hug

I SEE A LOT OF HUGS from day to day at the funeral home. Social barriers seem to dissolve in the face of grief.  Buddies, neighbors, co-workers lean in for a quick clasp or pat, expressing what words can’t:  I’m sorry for your loss! In Martha Stewart-ese, “It’s a good thing!”

But awhile back I read a blog that made me ponder my own hug health. I’m so vigilant about daily intake of green leafy veggies, protein, and vitamin D, yet I discovered a deficiency in my Hug Life! Even my doxies, Joey and Chloe, had the good thing going on. I spoke to my husband about it and he promised to help me better achieve my RDA (recommended daily allowance.)

ChiLiving co-creator and blogger, Kathryn Dreyer, moved me deeply in her post,  How To Give A Hug. She wrote:
"this is not about a polite, social hug. This is about giving a hug that sends a clear message of caring." 
You know the difference; you know that feeling of essential life energy (chi) when two people connect with a true hug. It is a very special experience. This is the nature of a "true" condolence, too.

So, how can you put a true hug into your condolence note? Figuratively, writing your note with a few Keys To Comfort (see my previous post) will share your "chi" of caring.
If you are unable to visit the bereaved person during the services, your "Literal" option is to enclose an IOU For A Hug.  Go ahead, cut out a magazine photo, a square of bright paper, or an old sweet photo and, with a Sharpie or highlighter write:  IOU for a HUG!

CARING:  It really is the essential secret strategy to writing a memorable condolence note.

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