Saturday, November 9, 2013

"Keys To Comfort" explained

The Keys to Comfort are topics suggested for condolence notes.

I designed them to span various levels of familiarity (did you know the deceased or just a family member?) They are also situation specific (did you face a loss with identical circumstances?)

Let's look at a couple.

1. Sharing the loss: 

 This Key is used to acknowledge your mutual loss. Just saying "I am so sorry that Mia died" is a way to share the loss. "We are really going to miss your mom at the weekly sing-a-longs!" Is another way to share the loss. Grief can be an isolating experience, so it is truly comforting to remind a bereaved person that they are not alone!

2. Sharing a well-known memory: 

 This Key gives you an opportunity to share a story that many people remember. (Nothing embarrassing!) At the funeral home, I frequently hear this Key applied. "Gordie had a unique way of answering the phone..." and the room full of people chuckle and nod and feel warmly united in affection. Including this Key in your note is a way to celebrate the person.
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The Coach has more Keys to Comfort! Stay tuned and thank you for caring!

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