Saturday, January 18, 2014

Replacing painful memories with good

THOUGH WE ARE NOT COMPUTERS, WE CAN BE REPROGRAMMED. If you have, in any capacity, been present during or close to a death, you have been left with some difficult memories.

In their extreme, Post Traumatic Stress may linger and require professional care. But for most of us, attendance during the final days and hours of life is simply hard/sad/frightening. For awhile, our thoughts return to those memories again and again. It is a difficult and powerful experience.

Once again, I have been inspired by columnist, Amy Dickinson  as she addresses the wondrous value of the written word in healing grief. She advises a grieving pet owner to enlist family and friends in writing positive thoughts about the cat's life. Replacing sad memories with happy ones essentially "reprograms" the focus of the grieving mind and heart.
   Under any circumstance, a condolence note using the shared memory Key to Comfort contributes to the grieving person's serenity in remarkably healing ways.

Thank you for caring!

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