Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Eat This Legacy: Mothers' Recipes Soothe Our Souls


Although mothers are celebrated worldwide, the American holiday, Mother's Day, began after the American Civil War.

Mothers whose sons had fought or died on opposite sides, formed groups with a peace mission:  reuniting families that had been divided by the circumstance of their residence: North or South. Many families, including my own, are scattered across the country. It is hard to imagine the pain of division by a civil war.

Mothers have a knack for bringing people together over food. It is often a favorite legacy. 

While this may be a phenomenon which is morphing due to ready-made and take-out foods...
  • FOOD UNITES US! No gathering--including wakes and funerals, seems complete without it. 
  • FOOD DEFINES US! Our ethnicity and cultural heritage have iconic foods.
  • FOOD--AND RECIPES--EXCITE US! On index cards, magazines, TV and blogs:  we share them.
Libby shared, "Mother's deep fried hush puppies were famous, and delicious with freshly caught fish!"

Lyn shared, "My Mother was known throughout our Texas extended family, as a good cook and baker."


The Condolence Coach invites the use of "favorite food memories" in your note to someone who's mother has died. 

Here are some suggestions:
  • "The first time I tasted your Mom's homemade __________ was ______."
  • "Even in her eighties, your amazing Mother was stretching strudel dough on the kitchen floor!"
  • "When Dad was recuperating from ______, your Mother brought us __________."
  • "Your Mom taught our Girl Scout troop how to make S'mores over a campfire..."
  • "Remember how homesick I was during freshman year? You shared those Snickerdoodles from your Mom..."
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