Saturday, May 3, 2014

Youth Making a Difference: Capes for Kids

I usually end my posts with Thank you for caring! 

Today, let's start there, with a shout out to Youth Making a Difference

International in scope, I discovered the Livonia Schools' program in a newspaper story. One photo, captioned:  "Kindergartener, [name,]worked on a project called Capes for Kids" tugged at my heartstrings and imagination.
The Hero

This is what I saw in the kindergartener's face:    Capes are cool! Flying superheros wear them ... and sick kids should, too.

When you're six years old, your ability to change the world is very small. It might involve putting toys and clothes back where they belong. If it's a task outside the house, your Mom has to say 'okay' and 'be home by supper.'

So, some schoolkids in one town decided to raise money to support Capes for Kids, which is part of The Hero Project at the Peyton Manning Children's Hospital in Indianapolis, Indiana. Many other great causes were also supported.
The Hero Project

Youth Making a Difference "attempts to involve K-12 in volunteerism" by helping kids understand how little kindnesses make the world a better place. The Livonia Public Schools' Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) has a list of tasks ranging from shoveling snow for a neighbor and helping a teacher, to recycling cans and filling bird feeders. One of the noted benefits of volunteer service is:
"to learn and value cooperation, caring, empathy, generosity and concern for others."
The Condolence Coach believes that caring kids have a pretty good chance of growing up to be caring adults.

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Liz Jarvis said...

Thank you for recognizing our kids! We believe that little people can do big things. Youth Making A Difference is a PTA-sponsored program which encourages young people to reach out and make a change. Problems should be solved by those who see them, and learning to care begins with learning to see where change needs to happen. Our children can change the world, a little bit at a time.