Tuesday, July 29, 2014

He's 6 But Won't Turn 7: Joy at the mailbox

He turned 6 on July 25th. He likely won't turn 7. 

Fighting an inoperable brain tumor trumped kindergarten for Danny Nickerson. Days at home get long--and lonely.

What do you want for your birthday, honey?" mom, Carley, asked. She pictured herself visiting the store displays of Lego and Super Mario that her son loved. His surprising response:
a mailbox full of birthday cards! 

They are bright and bold, or textured and embellished, slapstick or naughty, musical or milestone-numbered. The Condolence Coach never sends you to those sections. But don't misunderstand me: I want you to recognize that real mail has a pulse.
Pay attention the next time you approach your mailbox:  anticipation quickens your heartbeat--even if only slightly. 
Yes, at times, it may be the dread of a bill, that letter of acceptance or rejection, but mail has power, and the Coach says:  use it.

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“I gave him to key to the P.O. box,” [Carley] Nickerson said. 
“He was so excited when he opened it.”  [Source]
Yes, I sent Danny a card, actually two: one from me and one from my pets
 (with photos.)

As of this posting, Danny has had a memorable "birthday bash" and the family mailbox has been stuffed with greetings.

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